Ramos v. Doe Pipeline CompanySevere burn injuries leading to wrongful death - Construction accident involving a pipeline explosion$8,200,000
Ellis v. Doe Pipeline Co. Wrongful death - Truck violated the right-of-way of a motorcyclist at an intersectionConfidential
Jensen v. City of OxnardSWAT officer killed by fellow SWAT officer during a drug raid on a condo$3,500,000
Trujillo v. MTA Wrongful death - MTA bus driver lost control of bus on the freeway striking a motorcyclist$1,275,000
Williams v. GAF, Inc.Severe burn injuries leading to wrongful death - Asphalt tanker explosion$1,150,000
Bon v. 7th Day Adventist ChurchWrongful death - Driver of 15 passenger van lost control causing rollover and death of a minor$850,000
Aguilar v. Vulcan Materials Co.Wrongful death - Pedestrian struck by a cement truck that did not have a pedestrian safety mirror in front of blind spot$550,000
Paguyo v. Alto Serramonte, Inc.Wrongful death - Dangerous shopping center parking lot needed bollards to prevent vehicle from falling off an embankment$500,000

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