Nguyen v. Commerce Casino, Inc.Severe brain injury and paraplegia - Pedestrian hit by a casino shuttle van in the casino parking lot.$13,200,000
Quinones v. Federal Armored ExpressSevere brain damage and paraplegia - Untrained armored truck driver speeding in rainy condition caused freeway accident $12,000,000
Bonilla v. ICM Resources, Inc.3rd degree burn injuries - Dangerous construction site$3,300,000
F.D. Plaintiff v. Sunland Manor Apts.Brain injury - Dangerous staircase, lack of handrail, inadequate lighting$1,500,000
Peterson v. Patsy's Irish PubBrain injury - Inadequate security at a restaurant/bar$1,300,000
Paz v. Doe Rentals, Inc.Skull fractures, psyche injuries - Negligent maintenance of manual lift machine causing lifting cable to break$1,000,000
Garcia v. San Diego Unified School Dist. Brain injury - Pedestrian hit by school bus at an intersection$925,000
Williams v. Badlands Motorcycle Co.Brain injury - Defective motorcycle helmet cracked upon impact$900,000
Sosa Chavez v. Doe Helmet Mfg.Brain injury - Defective plastic construction helmet, suspension failed upon impact$750,000
Masterson v. J.K. PropertiesBrain injury - Dangerous premises, plumbing problem caused water leakage$600,000
Whipple v. Perez Brain injury - Pedestrian hit by motor vehicle while crossing a dark road$550,000

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