Ramos v. Doe Pipeline CompanySevere burn injuries leading to wrongful death - Construction accident involving a pipeline explosion$8,200,000
Smith v. Fleetwood Industries, Inc.3rd degree burn injuries - Defective motor home gas cap causing pressure build-up in gas tank resulting in an explosion$3,500,000
Serrano, Zaldana v. Thoro-Matic, Inc.Severe burn injuries - Floor buffing machine sparked igniting an explosion$2,100,000
Williams v. GAF, Inc.Severe burn injuries leading to wrongful death - Asphalt tanker explosion$1,150,000
Kruml v. Doe Clothing Mfg.Severe burn injuries during filming of a stunt - Fireproof gloves caught fire$1,125,000
Clark v. Titan Steel Corporation3rd degree burn injuries - Large hot water tank burst open at welded seam$550,000

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