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Most of our serious injury cases come from attorneys who handle personal injury, workers-compensation and other types of cases. Take advantage of our experience, reputation, and track record of successful results to maximize case recovery.

Our goal is, first and foremost, to give each client five-star service and make sure that they are taken care of by our competent staff.

Referral attorneys can contact us anytime for an update on the case and be assured of personal attention and receiving a referral fee upon successful conclusion of the case.

Our office has paid many millions of dollars in referral fees to referring attorneys. Our advice is to “let the injury be your guide.” If there is a serious injury or death involved, let us take a look at the case no matter how hopeless it may appear. We are very skillful and knowledgeable about handling difficult and complex cases.


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3. No Liability? Substantial Third-Party Recovery (Work-Comp/Third-Party)
4. Worker Recovers $5M in Third-Party Case Despite Substantial Special Employer Negligence (Work-Comp/Third-Party)

5. Third-Party Case Against Special Employer Produces Settlement (Work-Comp/Third-Party)
6. Getting Around Privette v. Superior Court: An injured employee can prevail against the hirer, general contractor or premises owner in a third-party case (Work-Comp/Third-Party)


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